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Boost your sales through multichannel selling without any extra effort

Being in the eCommerce business you might have often come across the word “Multichannel selling”. The concept of multichannel selling is not limited to selling on multiple marketplaces only, there are many more things to it that will help you grow your business and think strategically. Expanding your selling channels both online and offline as well as globally is what multichannel selling means. In order to get the maximum exposure for your products and gather the target audience, you need the multi-channel model of the business.

You are already selling into different channels like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and many such marketplaces. While selling on these marketplaces, things like inventory, orders, shipping, and accounting keep you busy the whole day whilst making you focus less on the marketing part. Hence at kartzHub, we say – Go the multichannel way and power up your business through our Centralized inventory Software.

There are many marketplaces to sell on, but depending on your product, you should be able to analyze which marketplace would be best suitable for your business.

To make your multichannel selling fall in place and run smoothly, read the points below:

Go for the right multichannel selling sales :

As per the latest trends and market, you don’t need to open another retail store in order to expand your business. Look for the significant solutions below in order to increase your sales.

Online Marketplaces

As you are aware of the top marketplaces like Amazon, eBay Etsy, its also important that you should have the knowledge about region-specific marketplaces, that people rely on and prefer to buy from. There are certain horizontal and vertical marketplaces as well that would allow a seller to sell specialized categories like jewelry, clothing and etc.

Every online marketplaces have a different fee structure, terms & condition, and ROI. You need to first look on these aspects and then depending on the profit gain select the marketplace you need to sell. KartzHub has a huge database of marketplaces. You can just select and do one time listing for multiple marketplaces and start selling.

Online store

The only disadvantage of selling on the marketplaces is that a customer can easily get the alternatives to your products and hence no guarantee of the repeat customers. But having your own website can help you build your brand image which helps to increase the customer base as well. It’s very easy to start an online store through KartzHub. It provides access to various platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and many more to launch your store successfully.

A streamlined online business is where you can keep track of all the business processes like orders, inventory, shipping and accounting and provide great customer satisfaction with on-time delivery and at this point where KartzHub works in co-ordination with the seller and help businesses to have smooth online sales.