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Few tips to boost your sales during Christmas

Try these tested strategies to boost sales during Christmas

Christmas month is around the corner and so it’s the best time to search for some great ideas that would work best for your business and boost online sales.

You might be thinking that we have penned down the same old marketing stuff what you see on other websites. Definitely, we have, but these strategies are more precise and focused and would give you clarity on how exactly you should work on your Christmas marketing activities.

So, let us see how to make your sales flowing throughout this Christmas season:

Define Goal

When we set a goal, it helps us not only to succeed but assists us to learn new things while also enhances our marketing abilities. So, don’t just create goals, but create S.M.A.R.T goals.

What is this S.M.A.R.T Goal? How it helps you set the realistic target?

Now SMART stands for

Specific: Be precise with the objective you want to achieve. Know if your objective is sufficient to solve the real-world problems and make the opportunity come your way.

Measurable: Quantify and compare your objective in order to be competitive.

Achievable: Is your objective feasible that would help enhance your marketing strategies.

Realistic: Do you have resources like staff, money, material, machines and time to achieve your goal?

Time: Till when you have to achieve your target within 1week or a month?


If you strictly follow the “SMART Goal” it will help you to


Start Today

Don’t wait for the Christmas bells to ring!!! Some people start their Christmas shopping from November itself, while some may wait for the December month to start with their shopping activity. You need to start your marketing activity early so that customers are aware of the offers and products you are offering. You can also encourage customers to buy the product from you by showing them that how their products were liked by many people on previous festival sales (for e.g.: during Halloween).


Customize your packaging

Christmas is all about spreading love and giving gifts to friends and families. People are very busy these days and rather than taking the pain of packing gifts themselves they would like if the gift comes handy. You can also add the Christmas theme to the gift package. Market your products by adding the gift packaging photos on the product page.





Create a gift guide page

Create a simple gift guide page to attract customers to your products. This can be done by showcasing the popular products bought during Christmas at one place. A gift guide page is nothing but a collection of gifts usually bought during Christmas for the loved ones.

How to make the gift guide page?

Create a landing page where all the products are in one single page with discounts on combined two or three products would be an added advantage. Promote this page on other channels and social media platform as well. You will see the drastic sales roll-in as you are providing ideal gifts packages to your customers.


Put up some emotional videos or photos for Christmas marketing

Friends and families meet up under one roof during Christmas. It’s an emotional moment with fun and excitement involved. You can create gift packages for every family member like a different package for grandparents, parents, in-laws, brothers, and sisters with different emotional quotes and display them on your website by providing some emotional marketing videos or images.


Emotions play a major role during the festive season and when you play on the heartstrings it is certain that you are bound to get some positive reaction.

You can also tell a story and relate your product to it. Use some words where the customer would feel the desire to buy your product. Put some emotions and use behind the scenes metaphors if you don’t have the video option to make customer get more interested in your product. You can also show how your employees celebrate Christmas.


Sell the Solution

The successful eCommerce companies focus on showing their customers how the products would make their life easy. For example, while using mixer grinder you don’t have to use the dedicated pot for making juice and grinding cardamom. You can easily use it by using one pot only – that would save the users time.

You can also display videos as well as images to show how your product can solve customer problems.


Don’t forget PPC words

This is the time of the year where every online seller does great business but it lasts only for a short time. So, don’t think of going only for organic marketing but opt for paid marketing as well. You need to do a certain adjustment on your AdWords campaigns like using the seasonal keywords that fit better for Christmas month, for example, “ Buy  Christmas decorations”. You need to have a solid research for keywords while doing PPC Campaigns and change your bids frequently during the season as per the market.


Don’t forget the email list

Whether it’s your Christmas theme packaged product or the emotional videos, do not forget to send it to the email list you have.  You can provide some more offers to your existing customer as well like:


Update images on your website

Make a note that anyone visiting your website or social media page should be aware of the promotions you are running. So, update the images and promotions on your website and social media with applicable offers.



Sample image


Last but not the least make sure you create a cut-off date for your promotions so that customer feels an urgency to buy the product. Follow this few tips and see how your sales boost this Christmas season.