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Boost your eCommerce sales during Halloween season. Want to know how to be prepared?

Being not so expensive as other holidays, Halloween season is the favorite month of the year for the consumers to shop.  As the festival “Halloween season” is celebrated on 31st October in many countries, its time for you to gear up with fresh ideas and clever campaigns to make this festival more profitable to you.

 You won’t believe the records of Halloween season 2017:


Halloween Products to Sell Online

Even if you don’t have Halloween specific products you still can manage to sell your regular products online by using some of the below ideas:


A little bit of creative marketing will help to sell your products. Buyers are extremely excited to buy Cleopatra cosplay, vampire suits, witch and wizard costumes. People also prefer modern day entertainment costumes from Conjuring, Attack on Titans, Game of Thrones and many more.


E-commerce stores that sell skin care products, cosmetics, and other related products can help people to make themselves go with the Halloween theme.  Also, other additional products like wigs, false eyelashes, temporary arm tattoos, wound and scar tattoos, DIY watercolor kits, would be a good option to add it to your inventory.


If you are in the food industry, then adding Halloween candy to your inventory would be a profitable and unique idea. Candy is one of the highest selling commodities that reached up to $20 million in 2017.


If you are an online seller who sells arts, home goods or any type of home décor then you can club it with the Halloween themed items and market them on your web pages and social media. For example, tablecloths, balloons, stickers, multiple lightings, glowing pebbles, hanging ghosts, curtains, banners, and glowing pumpkins.


Games, DVD’s and toys

Are you selling DVD’s Games and Toys online, then try ty to market scary movie DVD’s, Halloween movies or Halloween film series, Superhero toys, and scary games. You can also sell movie posters, toys, and action figures that go with the Halloween theme.

Sell your daily inventory products during Halloween month more easily by using some unique marketing ideas related to Halloween.

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