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Manage your business with the best multi-vendor marketplace software for online selling

Do you have an online store with the right product and the best marketing activities in place? You might be in a situation where you are selling great on certain months while sometimes you might be experiencing a low-pitch in your business.

Have you ever thought of considering multivendor marketplace??? Let me give you some detailed idea about what do you mean by the multivendor marketplace?

The multivendor marketplace is a huge platform where thousands of buyers visit every day and thousands of sellers sell their products. Unlike olden days, people are not bound to buy the product from a particular seller, rather customers would prefer to buy from the sellers who are able to fulfill their exact requirement.

In the Multivendor marketplace, a customer gets to choose various products, compare the prices, and give the seller genuine reviews and ratings. The sellers on the other end get the opportunity to manage their orders as well as products from the front-end and customize their store with various products and services. Although the multivendor marketplace has an ample of opportunities you need an add-on like a multivendor marketplace software that can efficiently manage your orders, backend inventories, customer queries, send automated transactional emails and manage reviews efficiently.

Multivendor online stores are like “Gold Mines” if you make it work in the right way, it would help you make money for a longer duration. The next is the marketplace platform software that helps you to make your work process go smooth and automated. Most of the multivendor marketplaces sometimes don’t fulfill the seller requirement and so we have put together different multi-vendor online shops that would fit your business needs and how the marketplace online software like KartzHub helps to easily create and integrate the software so that you can manage your business through a single click.

Magento – The top Multi-vendor Marketplace Software


Now display bestselling products automatically through Magento. Magento is similar to WordPress and is an open-source platform except the fact that this platform is basically developed for eCommerce platform. This software has the best features to set up your eCommerce store efficiently. The Magento platform offers different extensions as per the customer requirement. For example: If you want that every vendor/seller should have separate seller profiles in order to manage their content then you would need a different dedicated extension. In this platform, the sellers can efficiently manage images, logos, media, product contents and reviews. The software is reasonably priced and to create the site requires less effort and technicalities. KartzHub offers the best online marketplace software that allows you to easily integrate with Magento while offering the services at a very lower rate.

X-cart – PHP based Multi-vendor Marketplace Software

xcartX-Cart is the scalable PHP based platform that helps small and large businesses to sell multiple products through one storefront. Customers can easily order products from multiple vendors in a single shopping cart and the vendors can easily view the orders, change shipping methods, add different payment gateways, create different categories and even assign products to a different category.

The vendor gets the admin interface so that he/she gets the full control over every activity that goes on in the store. X-Cart is a powerful multivendor platform where businesses of any size can use it easily. KartzHub offers the online marketplace software integration with X-Cart that would help you to effectively manage backend processes like inventory, accounting and shipping more efficiently.

WooCommerce– Multi-vendor Marketplace software – Open Source Plugin for WordPress

woocommerceNow convert your online store into a fully functional marketplace while you don’t need any technical knowledge to set it up. The admin of your webstore can easily manage the seller list, product list, settings and commissions very effectively. The plugins are easily available while the admin gets the privilege to easily delete, edit products, disapprove, approve or you can even assign sellers to products. Easily set different commission rates for different sellers. Manage this platform while automating your accounting and shipping processes easily with KartzHub, that offers the best online marketplace software.

BigCommerce – SAAS based Multi-vendor Marketplace Software

BIGcommerceNow effortlessly turn your store into a full-fledged Multi-vendor marketplace with BigCommerce. You can easily add the sellers to your platform and keep a track of their activities. You get the complete backend access to control and access the products, orders and sellers. There is also a great option you get from the platform, that without the admin approval the seller is unable to showcase his/her products at the storefront. Manage this platform more efficiently with KartzHub marketplace platform software and make your inventory, accounting, and shipping processes easier than before.

PrestaShop – Open Source Multi-vendor Marketplace Software

prestashopPlay around with some great designing tools of PrestaShop, while you run your eCommerce site from an online interface. In order to make your eCommerce selling easy, you need to integrate PrestaShop with KartzHub’s multi-vendor eCommerce software that allows the sellers to list their own product while the admin of the PrestaShop platform manages the entire system. One great option is provided by PrestaShop is that it provides three payment collection mode, wherein the first place as an admin you can collect the payment secondly, you can allow the seller to collect the payment and the third is that you can split the payment between the seller and the admin.

KartzHub is fully integrated with the known shopping carts and this multi-vendor marketplace software gives you the opportunity of real one-click listing.

kartzhubBoost your eCommerce business through KartzHub cloud-based multivendor marketplace software while easily integrating with top shopping carts, marketplaces, shipping carriers, and accounting software and that too sitting at a central location.