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Are you selling on Multiple Marketplaces and struggling?

You need to be everywhere while selling online. Every seller decreases their dependence on a single platform and goes on to explore multiple marketplaces. But, in this process faces greater struggles and issues:

Struggles of selling on different marketplaces

Counterfeit Products:

Many sellers have this issue of facing competition with the imitation products. These counterfeit products are not only sold at a lower price but also have low product quality which results in the bad impression of your authentic product.

Sellers selling authentic products are unable to reprice their products due to continuous change in the price of the competitor’s product and are also unable to track the competitor status. KartzHub keeps the track of the competitor on board 24/7 by tracking the competitor having a similar product as yours and automatically reprices your product thus maintaining its authenticity and your profit margin.

Low-Profit margins:

Many sellers face this problem of low-profit margins while selling on multiple marketplaces. Every marketplace has a different monthly seller fee, shipping fees, closing fees, and referral fees. This is the cost every seller has to pay for doing business on an already built selling platform.

The seller also has to deal with the tough competitive price ranges thus forcing them to keep their price low. KartzHub helps the seller to timely upscale and downscale the prices as per the market and competitor scenario. For example, if the competitor’s product is out of stock, it will increase your product price thus offering you high profits.

Impact of selling mistake and platform major changes:

When selling on online marketplaces you don’t have to worry about maintenance, set-up or branding. Sellers just have to follow the selling rules set by that particular marketplace. However, when the platform makes some major changes, the fees increases, and the changes may also disturb your selling and settings.

Selling mistakes also have a bad impact on the sellers account leading to the suspension of the account for some time. These mistakes may be due to not keeping up the accurate stock levels. As you are selling in a rented marketplace, you strictly have to follow the marketplace selling rules. KartzHub helps the seller to keep up with the stock levels thus reducing mistakes like overselling or out of stock.

Competing against the marketplace itself:

Some marketplaces sell their own product as well, thus making you compete with them. You on the storefront can keep a track on such products and analyze which marketplaces to choose from, which one will be profitable for you and how to take a complete control of your selling. KartzHub is the only answer to this.

We encourage our sellers not only to sell on multiple marketplaces but also to sell effectively. Choosing the right platform that suits best for your product is also important. Our KartzHub executive would guide you to select the best marketplace and ways to market your product. To have a hands-on experience of our software you can take the free 14-day trial.