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Are you looking to increase your online sales?

The most important factor a seller looks for while launching his product online is the effective management of the entire process i.e. listing, inventory, order management, shipping, and accounting. Then after getting relieved from this processes that can become a big hassle, if not managed properly he looks for ways to increase online sales and various marketing strategies he can try in order to gather the audience.

Marketing is the most crucial part while selling products and you need to focus on it and apply various strategies to see which can work and which may not work for your product.

So, let us see first how KartzHub will help to increase your online sales:

Sell on Multiple marketplaces with great efficiency

Automated Processes
Intelligent Dashboard


Now, the next important factor is the marketing activities to implement in order to increase the sales

Content Marketing strategy

To gather the audience to your website through your content you need to set some strategies.  First, you should list down

Some of the content ideas and relevant articles that would click the audience:

Make sure you measure through Google analytics that how well your content is able to generate traffic.

Mailing List

The most powerful tool to reach your audience is Email marketing. Not using it effectively may result in missed sales.

How to use your mailing list:

Our E-mails receive many promotional emails daily. You can take ideas from those in order to make the content interesting and relevant.

Social Media

This is the best place where you get the maximum audience and expect great sales through this channel if you do it right.

Your social media like the mailing list should be closely tied with your content marketing strategy. The 20% content should be promotional and rest should be something interesting that would appeal to your audience. Suppose you are selling handmade mint and lemon soap. You can write a blog stating the health benefits, mint & lemon can have on one’s skin and mind.

Pay-per-click advertising/ Google Ad-words:

This is not always the first option for new small businesses because you to need to pay in order to gather the audience. If the customer clicks on your ad he would be redirected to your product page and you would be charged for the click.

Before running any campaign research for the keywords well and familiarize yourself that how the bidding process works.

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