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Apply the psychology of selling to influence customers and increase your sales

Basic psychology of selling principles

When a person sells online for a living, they should be aware of the basic psychology of selling principles in order to make their sales go up.

Let’s take a look at how you can connect with the psychology of selling and make it your routine habit. Trigger these simple psychological tricks in your store or marketplaces to make it big in the eCommerce industry:


This is a simple human psychology: When someone gives us something, we feel bonded with that act and give something in return.

I was in the Straits food village in Singapore, where I ended up with an unplanned Char Kuay Teow purchase because I felt an obligation to buy as the owner offered me a sample to taste. This is the reciprocity principle.

So how you can make this principle working online:

Maintaining commitment:

This term works for many of the retailers. For example, you can put up in your product page that no questions would be asked while returning the product – “Easy return policy”. If you are committing such statements then people would buy as they would not face any hassle while returning.


When I was in the Straits food village, the person handing me the Char Kuay Teow had a smile on his face. I liked his warm gesture and developed a feeling of visiting the place again.

The branded products often hire favorite celebrities to endorse their products, so that people would transfer their love for the celebrity to the product he/she is endorsing. This is a psychological tactic applied by many big brands. You need not require to hire big celebrities, but you can show your products on models with whom your customers can relate with. They should feel attracted towards the product seeing the model on that apparel or jewelry.

For this tactic to have more impact in psychology of selling :

The Experts – your marketing tool:

We have heard this proverb since childhood –“A person is recognized by the company he keeps”. If your products are handcrafted you can tell your customers that it is made by expert artisans with their names and years of experience. This would give the customers a sense of confidence to buy the product.

If you are selling some hair styling product then you can connect it with some of the famous hairstylists, his different hair styling ways and tips for hair styling. This persuades buyers to buy the product.

Social reviews and ratings:

People these days follow the sites and products liked by their friends and family. If any of their friends have bought the product and posted the review on social media there are chances that even they may buy the product relying on the reviews. The comments for your brand generates interests among the crowd- maybe friends of friends and there arises the tendency of buying the product.

Show the Scarcity factor:

If you are told that you cannot have that particular thing, your psychology tends to have it at any cost. You can reflect “Only 3 left in Stock” or the seasonal limited products, on the product page in order to motivate the customers to think that they don’t want to miss the opportunity to have that product. They should realize that they have no other ways to buy the same product. You should also provide enough information to create a sense of urgency in the customer so that he is compelled to buy.

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