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Amazon US removed price parity restriction

Amazon to remove the price parity restriction on sellers offering a competitive price on other platforms

Amazon US has silently removed the price parity restriction on their sellers. It means sellers trading on can now be able to sell the same product at a lower price on other websites as a differentiating point.

One of the sources informed Reuters on Monday i.e. 11th March about Amazon’s latest decision.  The officials did not give any insight into the change of this sudden decision. The price parity agreement of Amazon was made to ensure that the third-party sellers should not sell the products at a cheaper price on other websites compared to the price range they sold on Amazon.

The decision was made in the wake of a letter from Senator Richard Blumenthal who filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission stating that “Amazon Practices might stifle market competition and inflate prices”.

This turned out to be a surprise as well as relief for the sellers on But it remains unknown whether this decision would be applicable to Amazon marketplaces websites of other countries.