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Amazon acquires GameSparks

The Dublin based firm GameSparks joins Amazon. Amazon has acquired this company in a reported deal of $10 million USD. The company was already bought by Amazon Last summer, but this deal has been recently made public.

Questions arise from the public on how GameSparks interests Amazon. The company took over by Amazon offers services to game developers and publishers who have multiplayer and social games, live game operations, metagames, infrastructure, operations, and integrations. GameSparks is a cloud provider and offers services to people or companies who make games. They handle mobile, PC and console games. The cloud-based services attract huge market and Amazon has its own cloud web services at AWS that has already a huge market base.


The announcement by GameSparks Team

By this move of Amazon and observing other factors, it does seem that it is largely targeting millennial shoppers (people born between 1980 and 2000) as they possess the willingness to try the new product and have the habit of spending more, after all, they are considered as the future consumers.