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Advertise your products on social media stories to improve buyers reach up to 45%

  Social Media Stories To Improve Buyers

Online advertising has become cheaper and more profitable. Brands are ready to investment heavy on eCommerce, search engines and social media platforms. Businesses now get the flexibility to target the specified group of audience and advertise their products., Thus social media stories to improve buyers.

According to the data collected by the researchers during the second quarter of 2019, advertisers invest billions on social media, paid search, mobile and eCommerce. The reports showcase remarkable trends in eCommerce, social media, cost-per-click and search click volume.

Engaging Stories became the right selling tool and social media stories to improve buyers:

Instagram is the most sought-after platform by people all over the globe and it attracts many buyers with stories. Instagram has a special feature where it allows users or advertisers to post videos and photos that vanish after 24 hours. As per the research, about 45% of all Instagram Ad spending was on stories. This feature allows an advertiser to engage the audience in a very attractive way and encourage the target audience to buy their products.

Marketers are leveraging social media platform to reach new customers. They are constantly researching for a new feature and adopting them. The efforts are paying-off in terms of increased business profitability,Thus social media stories to improve buyers.

eCommerce Continues to thrive:

About 40% Ad spend increased in eCommerce advertising. As expected, Amazon maintained the lead. About 37% of the total was spent by businesses in shopping ads. Google shopping is one of the key sources of traffic and continues to increase the product sale of many retailers.

The star seller is the “Amazon’s sponsored Brand” that enables a brand to promote its multiple products to the huge Amazon customer base. “Amazon’s Sponsored Brands” attract customers and drive them directly to the product page.

Increase in Search Click volume:

With 13% YoY growth, the paid search click volume has expanded worldwide to a very impressive amount. Specific industries through YoY click, have experienced higher business growth. Among all the industry, healthcare has observed the highest growth of 30%, followed by technology with 25% and then retail with a 24% growth.

As the healthcare industry is becoming more customer-centric, they are experiencing a sharp drop in CPCs. This has opened the doors for the marketers to earn as they can help the industry with the paid Ads.As the thin line between the social, search and eCommerce continues to blur, Marketers are exploring new methods and formats to attract the target audience, while also relying on the old tried-and-true platforms.