Sellershub Integration with eCommerce Accounting Software

(like managing shipping costs, tracking the expenses, Commissions, Other miscellaneous costs, etc.)

On the other hand, receiving and analyzing your reports is also important. Sellershub has a beautiful and intelligent dashboard that gives overall statistics for all your Multi-Channel Sales. The feature in our Multichannel e-commerce Accounting Software for Retailers helps online sellers with a consolidated view of their sales performance, which can help discover the different channels, products, and customers that are driving business growth.”

Sellershub Dashboard
Powerful Sales Insights

Reports from our retail accounting software allow online sellers to have a quick look into their business at any given time, over any given period – with all the crucial stats they need in one place for making more informed decisions.

By embracing our reporting capability, online sellers would be able to analyze their sales performance across Multiple Channels for the day, month, or even the entire year and forecast more precisely than ever before.

Sellershub – Accounting & Reports