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Shipping Automation

Allow yourself the freedom of having multiple shipping providers without the extra work. Sellershub will map your products through our system its respective shipping provider. All you have to do is collect the printed labels.

2024, selling on Amazon is about to change forever

Always an ace up the sleeve with the best support.
Enjoy all these benefits for a whole free year as a beta user!

Successful Business


Integrating your ecommerce?


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The world of Integration

Sellershub is one of the most up to date Multichannel ecommerce software solutions. One platform for your listings, orders, inventory, stock, shipping, accounting, reporting and more. Your business operations will become a smooth daily routine all thanks to the advance features we’ve packed into Sellershub


Multi Channel Control.
One Platform

Save time and maximize sales by syncing your operations across marketplaces automatically. Marketplaces are happy to provide Sellershub the ability to control orders and listings with ease so why not maximize on this to grow your sales.
  • Manage multichannel inventory easily across multiple marketplaces
  • Optimize your order and fulfillment processes from a single location
  • Gain deep insights across your sales and operations for fast decision making

Order Management

Have a direct view over purchase orders, inventory updates, packaging, and shipments. Your orders can either be managed manually so you can leave Sellershub to do the work for you.
  • With Sellershub, you can manage all of your marketplace and webstore orders in one place.
  • This gives you one platform, through which you can upload,
    amend or remove listings across multiple marketplaces.
  • This includes adjusting pricing at the click of a button.

Listing Management

Connect your sales channels It easy, once done Sellershub will Link SKUs. You can list on Sellershub and at a click of a button have that product sent to your sales channel. Many of you have tried to list from third party platforms before but Sellershub has a partnership with these marketplaces so it is truly seamless.
  • Efficiently manage all your products by having them in a single
    system and process
  • When you improve control you miss nothing
  • Reduce manual effort to reconcile inventory levels as orders are processed.

Packing List

Every business has a different way to organize their warehouse but one thing stays the same, The packing list! Let Sellershub streamline your process to get orders out by generating you a picklist.

As all your orders are centralized through Sellershub we can generate your picklist with all your orders from multiple channels in one list.

Every business has a different way to organize their warehouse but one thing stays the same, The packing list! Let Sellershub streamline your process to get orders out by generating you a picklist.

As all your orders are centralized through Sellershub we can generate your picklist with all your orders from multiple channels in one list.

Find a product

Audit trails and SKU tracking is now available for you as Sellershub handles the end-to-end journey of your products. Our search feature has advance filters which is easy to use and makes lite work of finding your product and it’s details.
Your team needs efficiency and jumping between pages is not the way, we understand your pain so Sellershub has been designed feel clutter free.

Print shipping labels

Each shipping label is different for each courier and this is where things can get messy. We have carefully thought out shipping rules in place to make sure the right label is automatically generated based on the product, weight, size and send location.
  • Apply bespoke shipping rules to automate shipping and fulfillment.
  • Allocate carrier services based on predefined criteria such as warehouse location, product information, and selling channel to increase efficiency.
  • Monitor order status after items have dispatched.

Delivering goods

Marketplaces need to know the dispatch status of your products. Make sure they get this is what will rescue you from those heavy fines. Sellershub will allow talk to your marketplaces and let them know everything you are doing to make sure the products are delivered on time.
Once delivered the status will be visible in your dashboard.

How we enable sellers to elevate their business and gain independence

Listing Management
All your channels listing can be done from one Centralised location.
Order Management
Your multichannel orders can be seen, managed, & processed from one place.
Multichannel Management
Sales, Web store,Shipping &
Accounting Channels all
under one roof.
Accounting & Reports
Amazon FBA, Multi Channel
Fulfilment (MCF), Multi Warehouse Management.
Shipping Management
All Orders invoices, labels can be printed and managed
from a single location.
Warehouse Management
Intelligent dashboard and number of reporting options with P&L.

… and much more things you can do


What make us THE tool to enhance and improve Amazon Seller Central

Let’s run your seller central together – be part of the selling revolution

The story behind Sellershub

Two years ago, a core team of 8 developers with experience on top portals began the journey to Sellershub. Their challenge: to provide Amazon sellers with the fastest, most user-friendly tool on the market. And to give merchants and those who want to become merchants an all-in-one solution for their business.
The first milestone of this journey is presented here: Our beta version with all essential features for testing and feedback. Be part of the beta community and join the journey!


  • Why is real-time data so important for Amazon sellers?
    As a seller, data is only ever worth paying attention to if it corresponds to reality. In other words: accurately reflect the actual status at a given moment. With Sellershub, “True real time” is now a reality for Amazon data. And so every look at the app is an informative reality check for you as a seller.
  • How do I improve my ranking as an Amazon Seller?
    A high level of transparency is particularly important for a continuous improvement of the rankings – the possibility to control which measures (such as a campaign or a new wording of the product description) brought success and which did not. This is exactly where a unique feature of Sellershub comes in: the history function. It creates transparency, makes the ranking development visible and controllable and thus takes the guess work out of Amazon Selling.
  • What does Sellershub do with my Amazon data?
    To be able to display all the data of the seller – including the account history – we store your sales performance and product data (orders, products, production variants, ranking information, etc.) only in order to analyze them. We do not (and can not) make a single change under your Amazon seller account. No intervention in any form is possible.
  • What rights and what data do I grant Sellershub?
    You give us the rights to access your seller data. Since we use complex algorithms and AI, we need all your seller data except for personal data and customer data. We don’t have access to customer data because Amazon doesn’t provide it by default and we don’t need it. But we do need access to order data, product data, rankings, inventory information, pretty much everything.
  • How does Sellershub ensure that my login data is protected?
    We cannot make any changes on behalf of your seller account, we just analyze the data. We don’t store any credentials or request them at any time. We use OAuth to gain access to your seller data. In simple words: When you click the Amazon login button, you are redirected to the official Amazon seller portal, enter your credentials there, and only give our app permission to access your data.
  • What happens after I submit my email? How do I get to the account?
    To create a Sellershub account, simply click on the link we sent you and log in with your Amazon profile. If we identify that you are a new seller on our platform, a pop-up window will appear for you to enter your company information, and we will ask for your email address. Your email and company information is just to prove that you are not a bot, that you have a business, etc. Essentially a legal requirement only.
  • When will the Native App be released?
    The release of the native app is planned for October 1, 2024.
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